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Australia Day is just around the corner and There are plenty of events across the country to celebrate National Day. January 26 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of Australia's first prime minister, John Howard. Australia Day and Invasion Day are two of Sydney's most popular national holidays, and the city can be visited by a wide range of people from all walks of life, from young and old to old and young and young. It is Australia Day, or "Invasion Day," and there are a number of different events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

Sydney is a hotspot for creative people from all over the world and its events calendar has something for everyone. Sydney is home to some of the most creative and creative people in the United States and Australia, so there's something for everyone to celebrate at the many art and film events that take place throughout the year.

Every March, over 200 keelboats take part in the largest and most prestigious sailing festival in the world, the Sydney Keelboat Race. Come for a day of inspiring conversations, live music, food and drink and of course a boat race.

This is one of the city's biggest annual events and is expected to attract more than 300,000 people this year. The celebrated Australia Day fireworks display will take place at Circular Quay, where the day's festivities will culminate. It's a fun day with lots of action on Sydney Harbour, but it's also a great day in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

About 65,000 people are expected to attend the main event, and Australia Day Live will be held at the Sydney Opera House from 11am to 4pm. Broadwater Parklands will host an Australia Day celebration, which will begin with fireworks at 7.45pm. A pool party with live music, food and drinks, live entertainment and a barbecue is planned for 7 pm.

The Koomurri Aboriginal Dance Troupe celebrates Australia's traditional landowners at the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day from 1pm. The celebration will end with a performance by the Kori Choir and will end at 7 pm with fireworks, live music, food and drinks and a barbecue. Join us for a traditional smoking ceremony and sing the national anthem before the Australian Aboriginal flag is raised over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Join us for the celebrations and watch the impressive ships of Sydney Harbour from the Opera House at Maquerie's Point. Transform your city with the Sydney Light Walk, watch it meander through the harbour and city centre, and party along with food, drinks, music and entertainment from 7pm.

Asian and Australian tour festivals don't need an introduction, but the Sydney edition must be on your bucket list for the Australia Festival. Australian music festival, you can't get much more "Australian" than this, and it's one of the most popular festivals in Australia.

This family-friendly event features street parades, concerts and fireworks, and you can enjoy all this in the heart of the city's most popular shopping and entertainment district.

This is one of the most popular regatta events held opposite Sydney Harbour for the Olympic Games, attracting thousands of visitors to the city every year. More than 80,000 people are taking part, followed by more than 2.5 million visitors from all over the world. The Sydney Royal Easter Show celebrates everything related to agriculture and has attracted over 900,000 visitors since it was founded in 1868. There is a 50-stop Showcase Tour, which is held annually for 25,000 people, with a variety of music, food and entertainment, as well as a range of events for children.

At 10: 45, the ferries will depart from Barangaroo Wharf and make their way across Sydney Harbour to the First Fleet ferries, where they will experience an annual ferry race. At 10.45 the ferry departs from Barangsaroo Quay and will make its way through the city to the Sydney waterfront.

A 21-gun salute and a tribute to the air is set off at 10: 30 on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the Australian Navy are saluting with 20 guns. Combine this with an Australian salute ceremony, a 25-gun salute and a 15-gun salute, and an air show at 11: 00 pm.

The tribute at Sydney Harbour will include a 20-gun salute, a 25-gun salute and an air show at 11pm, as well as a tribute to the Royal Australian Air Force.

A number of national and local acts will take to the stage in Canberra, and Australia Day celebrations will begin at 7pm with a benefit concert for Australian Cancer Research Australia (ACRA) at the Sydney Opera House.

The main ceremony will take place at the Sydney Opera House at 7pm with a benefit concert for the Australian Cancer Research Australia (ACRA). It is the second annual Australia Day celebration in Sydney and takes place in what organisers describe as the 'heart and soul' of the city, a celebration of Australia's history, culture and heritage.

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