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Recognised as Sydney's landmark, this modern hotel is located in the heart of one of Sydney's biggest attractions, including the spectacular Sydney Harbour Opera House. Located on the southwest corner of Sydney, Australia's largest city, the Hilton Sydney houses some of the best restaurants, attractions and views this amazing city has to offer. Located on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it is also the location for Australia's largest hotel and conference room. The new-look Hilton Australia Sydney offers a new look to its hotels, meeting rooms and Australia with EVENTS and CONFERENCES in the same building as the Hilton Hotel Melbourne and Hilton New South Wales.

Eating and drinking at the Hilton Sydney, dining options include a Tony Chi-designed glass brasserie, a Grade II listed Marble Bar, a casual restaurant called Cafe Cino on the street and the contemporary George Adams Bar overlooking the street. Hilton Australia Sydney also houses a restaurant and bar designed by New York designer David Zuckerman.

The Hilton's renovation is in stark contrast to the upscale CBD buildings designed by DCM JPW over the past fifteen years. The new-look hotel adds plenty of space, natural light and capacity to the existing structures and was developed on the site of the old Hilton Sydney building, as evidenced by the extensive use of glass, glass panels and glass walls in the lobby. Features of this new Hilton Australia Sydney include a 20-metre-long sun-drenched lobby with panoramic views of the Sydney CBD, a website that proudly features the city skyline, Sydney Harbour Bridge and iconic Sydney Opera House.

Sonaisali Island is only the second most beautiful Hilton in Fiji, but Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa is even better. We wanted to highlight it as one of the best value hotels in the world, so here are some insider tips for those who are looking to stay at the new Hilton Australia Sydney in Sydney, Australia.

How it works: Sonaisali Island starts at 23,000 Hilton points per night, and you'll consistently earn more points than your average Hilton hotel is worth. Prices vary dramatically, but here they start at 36,500 points per night in winter and rise to 60,000 points by summer. Cash rates follow a similar trend, with award nights starting at 37,600 points for a night for two at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa, rising to 70.00 points per night. Reward stays start at 35,200 points, with a cash prize of $40,800 for two nights, rising to $60,000 in summer and $70.00 for three nights in winter.

How it works: When Hilton grants you Hilton status, you'll receive a free fifth night with your Hilton Honors American Express card, which comes with Hilton Honors Silver automatic status. The card can be used at almost all Hilton hotels, including Conrad Bora Bori Nui (which costs $750.00 per night) and Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa. Start at the top of the list with 35,600 points for a night for two on Sonaisali Island, with a cash prize of $40,000 in summer and $50,500 in winter.

The Hilton brand, DoubleTree by Hilton, will also open a new hotel on the Perth waterfront, and more are already in the pipeline for the city where the company launched its first operations in Australia in 1969, including the new Hilton Hotel Perth, the first of its kind to open in 2023. Hilton hotels have opened in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, with more announced for Australia in the coming months, according to Hilton.

Paradise is under construction and Sydney's own Hilton in the CBD will also undergo its first major renovation this year.

The Hilton Sydney has been redefined to become the contemporary hotel of our time, designed by one of the world's most renowned architects and architects, David Hirschfeld, and is redefining itself to become the "contemporary hotel of our time." After five years of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce that the Hilton in Sydney is finished and this extraordinary building is ready to make its mark on Sydney, "said Andrew Hilton, CEO of Hilton Australia and New South Wales. Hilton is the number one hotel brand in Australia and has held this position since 2005. I have always appreciated Hilton, so it is extremely rewarding to be recognized in this way, "he said.

The strategy highlights what makes Hilton Worldwide Australasia different from other hotel brands and raises awareness of what is happening in the industry. The company has expanded the number of hotels it operates worldwide to over 2,500, of which more than 700 are managed under the Hilton brand. These hotels include some of the world's most famous and prestigious hotel brands, including Hilton New York City, Hilton Paris and Hilton London, and Hilton Suites in London and Paris. Careful messaging, external communication and management strengthen the brand's position as the number one hotel brand in Australia and New South Wales.

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