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The world - the famous men's revue, the biggest and most successful of all - male cabaret, is your only place to go for all your entertainment needs. The self-proclaimed "the world's first and only female-centred, multi-gender, live-action musical comedy show" is the hub of Sydney Opera House nightlife and entertainment.

Enjoy the 1900s-style cabaret atmosphere that gives the Camelot Lounge the look of an old, contemporary nightclub with a modern twist. Enjoy the many pleasures it offers, from cooling off with cocktails at the Opera Bar to watching the show or exploring the entire Opera House, and get into a groove while exploring Sydney's nightlife.

Visit Wicked Club Crawl, which regularly organizes city tours for travelers and locals. If you fancy a night on the dance floor, visit the Soho club at the Imperial Hotel or take the kids to the Sydney Observatory for spectacular views of the Sydney skyline from the hotel's roof.

Forget the big crew, Woody's Surf Shack is for those who want to stay in one place for an entire night. If you have a great visit but Google for strip clubs and don't want to go all the way to town and still have a five star experience, this is the place to be.

The best strip club in Sydney is a cabaret, but if you're looking for a pub, they also make food that's perfect for those who want to settle down for an evening of good drink and food and linger before eating.

Other nightlife centres in Sydney include Cross Street, known for its eclectic mix of bars, clubs and restaurants. It is full of bars and clubs and activities that stay open until sunrise, with some restaurants serving dinner until 1am, while on Tuesdays one dollar is spent on a hot dog and on Mondays it is movie night. There's a party vibe, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the city, such as the popular Bar and Lounge in central Sydney.

That's not to say Sydney's nightlife is all about unclean live music, but it's a massive part of Australian culture. I would go so far as to say that party is important, not only for the party-goers, but for everyone.

Sydney has one of the liveliest nightlife scenes in the world, full of neon-lit bars, nightclubs and bars. Since the dawn of time, the city has been filled with live music, whether it's Darling Harbour, the Sydney Opera House or the Cross River Theatre, to name a few.

Many genres are found here, and many venues tend to open late - bars with a dance floor that offers a good mix of live music, food and drinks. Pubs are more popular with travellers and offer cheap drinks and happy hour, but there are also many bars and restaurants in the city. The club scene in Sydney varies from city to city, with many different types of nightclubs and bars to choose from. One thing that Sydney will not disappoint you is the nightlife, so what do you want and what happens after that?

Enjoying the magnificent views of Sydney Harbour is one of the most popular activities in Sydney, as are many other tourist attractions. Children can play in the park, and if there are children who would like to sleep longer, you will experience an engaging and unique experience in life.

When the night is in full swing, head to the Laundry Bar to see the city's rap and hip-hop scene, then head to Boney's Cave, which is open until 7 a.m., or head to L Laundry Bar for a late drink and check in to one of Walsh Bay's restaurants for a rest, then head to Darling Harbor. At the end, head to George Street and stroll through the cities before leaving at 6pm. Before you start your wild night, don't forget to visit Sydney Opera House, Sydney's most popular tourist attraction.

You can choose to listen to a guide, enjoy a peaceful night, grab a special drinks package or sample Australia's local selection of liqueurs. Choose from two pass options in the Explorer and enjoy one of Sydney's most popular nightlife attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House or Darling Harbor. Walk for an adventure or head to Walsh Bay, which ends at the end of the city's main street, George Street (see "Go to town

The cheeky monkey can get a bit boisterous when it starts at the treehouse, but it's one of Sydney's most popular nightlife attractions.

The Darlinghurst and Surry Hills area is also fairly well-equipped with bars, and ample parking is a big plus compared to other parts of the city, such as the CBD or the inner city suburbs. These places are often cheap, cheerful and friendly, but they attract backpackers like moths to a flame. The city is low - cool like hardly any other, so the crowd is buzzing and the squares are full of people.

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