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Sydney, Australia is one of the best cities in the world to visit as a tourist, but it can be expensive. You can walk for free across Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge, but it's a bit of a glorious activity to climb it. And I would do that again in no time. We all know that climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge costs much more than walking or climbing, so this is the most expensive activity to do in Sydney.

If you want to learn to sail, you can't imagine a better place than Sydney Harbour. I spent a few hours on a catamaran to find the best photo spots on both sides of the harbour.

In one go you can see the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Harbour Bridge. If you want to have a view of the harbour, hop on a catamaran with good views of the harbour or even a boat on the other side of the harbour.

Be sure to visit Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, which has one of the best viewpoints in Sydney overlooking Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Harbour Bridge. You can climb straight up and get a unique experience, or you can climb down and up again to have an even better view.

If you are looking for a good zoo, I would definitely recommend Sydney Zoo with its amazing animals and great food. Darling Harbour Zoo and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are also worth a visit, especially for families.

I would say this is a must for anyone coming to Australia, and walking around this beautiful animal is easily one of the best activities in Sydney, New South Wales. Approaching this work of art is the most beautiful thing in the world and probably the worst thing about Sydney, but also the good thing you can do in Australia.

What makes Sydney even more of a crowd puller is the many free and cheap activities in Sydney. So if you're planning to visit, here are some of the best free or cheaper things to do around Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Have a look at the list of things I have seen and done in Free Sydney and tell me what you know about every other great free / cheap thing you have done outside of Sydney Australia in the comments!

If you're a local looking for weekend activities in Sydney or a visiting tourist, you'll find some of the best activities at RedBalloon.

A day trip to the Sydney Opera House or a night out in one of the city's many bars and restaurants are some of the budget options.

There are so many fun things to do in Sydney, but we have reduced them to just our own top 10 in our Sydney city guide. Take in the famous sights of Sydney with the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Garden and Opera House. If you're also planning to visit one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Great Barrier Reef, a Sydney Big Ticket could be a good investment if you have a bit of money. We hope our list of 10 things to do in Sydney will help you plan your trip.

Our Sydney 3-day tour includes some of the best activities in Sydney, such as the Sydney Harbour, Royal Botanic Garden, Coogee Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. Spend 2 hours paddling to enjoy truly spectacular and unique views from all over the city.

The Opera House is of course a popular place, especially in summer, and we strongly recommend jumping off Darling Harbour. Head to Sydney Harbour Bridge for some brekkies and stroll or cruise through the city's most popular tourist attractions, including the Royal Botanic Garden, Coogee Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. It is breathtaking to walk along the banks of the river, admiring the Sydney skyline, the harbour and even the Olympic Park.

The Sydney Opera House is also home to four prominent companies, including Australia's largest opera house and the world's most famous opera company. Experiencing Sydney is a must-see - sights and must-do awe - inspiring list of Sydney activities to do and behave in Sydney.

The best things to do in Sydney are of course complete without mentioning the famous Harbour Bridge. The landmark of Sydney, Australia, is the Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic buildings in Australia. The building at Bennelong Point on Sydney Harbour and its surroundings form an iconic Australian image. It is known for its beautiful architecture, beautiful views and spectacular views of the harbor and the city.

The Sydney Opera House is located right on the picturesque Sydney Harbour and is often considered a wonder of the modern world. It is located in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

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